Are you just winging it?

Does your team have a plan? Or, are you just winging it?

It has been said, “without a goal there is nothing to shoot for.” That statement is so true. We need to aim at something concrete and tangible.

Could you imagine a basketball game without a rim or net? Crazy for sure!

This principle isn’t just true in the game of basketball, it is most certainly accurate and needed in your organization and your life.

You need to name your goal. Write it down. Get clear focus and ensure you have alignment for success.

Too often we are like hamsters on a wheel. We just get up, go to our places of employment, work on the tasks at hand, have some lunch at our desk, and then fight our way to drive back home.

You need to be more than this.

You need a plan!

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If you don’t, that’s cool too…but doing nothing isn’t.

If you want better and different results, you need better and different habits!

What habits will you change? What plan will you make…and follow?

Take steps this week to position you and your team for success by clearly defining your goal and the plan to get there!