Birds fly south. Do you?

Why do birds fly south for the winter? 

Interesting that without an alarm being sounded or direction from a leader or a major advertising campaign, birds know when it is time to fly south for the winter.

Do you?

Your work, your life, your pursuit for happiness is constantly changing. Do you know when it is time to move, to change direction, to chart a new course?

You better if you want to achieve success.

I know you want new and better results; so you need some new and better habits.

Fly south. Avoid winter. Don’t sit stagnant as the world is changing around you. It is time to ACT, because Action Changes Things.

If you need some motivation, let me suggest one of my favorite books, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson. This easy to read story about 4 mice, will challenge you to see that things are changing, and you need to be changing too.

Take a few moments, clear your mind, your calendar, and the noise in your life. It is time for an evaluation. Take stock in what is and isn’t working. Look deep into what you are not accomplishing and write down several action steps you will take...starting today!