What makes you smile?

What makes you smile?

Think about the best moments and memories of your life and ask yourself, "what makes you smile?"

Deep down inside your soul, what makes you happy?

Maybe for you, it is people; when you get to spend quality time with your family or a good friend. Or maybe you are the type of person that loves and appreciates experiences; you know the ones that create lasting memories and are priceless, like the best vacation or a great concert. How about the spender; maybe you love to shop or to dine at a nice restaurant. Or are you the driven kind where you are happiest with that unmatched sense of accomplishment that comes from being a part of something great?

Whatever it is that makes you smile, seek it out. Carve out time in your crazy schedule for what and whom you cherish.

The rat race can suck you in for sure. Start changing that by mapping out the race.

Set time each year, each month, each week and hopefully each day to get a slice of what makes you smile. Believe me, if you plan for the moments that make you smile, you will find more of them.

If you don’t, well then, you probably won’t.

P.S. Do you want to see those in your life and on your team soar? Help them smile too. :)