What's your "Why"?

Why do you do the work you do?

Really. What is it that fuels you each day to do the work you do? We aren’t talking about the money or the benefits of the job here. We are talking about the why you do what you do.

We tend to spend too much time on the negative aspects or the things that frustrate us with our jobs. The challenge for you is to take a moment and reflect on the things you love about your job/career. Write them down or type them out, but make them real, tangible reminders of the reasons for what you do.

This type of action, and a list to remind you each day, will help propel you through the tough days.

Now, this is important, if you cannot list at least 5 awesome and passionate reasons why you love your work, then you may have to make another list. That list will contain what you love to do, period. Not related to your current work, but just what you love to do for work. Then, this may serve as a beginning to new opportunities for you to make a move you’ve been hesitant to make.

Life is too short, your gifts are too great, and the impact you can make on the world is too essential for you to stay stagnant. This mantra is simple:

Love what you do. 

Remind yourself of all the why’s, all the reasons you took this job in the first place. Why do you love what you do?

You will be amazed at how focusing on the positive attributes of your career can produce a more productive, joy-filled, and rewarding life.

Randy FoxLeadership, Success