Let Resistance Be Your Wind

Flying is intriguing. It is such an amazing invention. While standing on the ground, I peer up towards the sky and watch as the thousands of pounds carrying so many valuable lives are
thrust across the sky at speeds over 500 miles per hour. I see the stream of white that trails and reveals the path in which the plane has come.

I am in awe.

And secretly, I want to be up there.

It doesn’t matter where the plane is heading; I am just enthralled with the concept of being in the sky.

Interestingly enough, that is somewhat how we perceive those that have reached great heights in their lives. Whether it is success in business, a beautiful family, or other wonderful accomplishments, we all want to soar?

However, to take flight, you must first take off. You need to lift off from where you are to get to where you want to be.

Ask any pilot, and they will tell you that the most critical moment in a flight is take off. Sure you need speed and mechanics and a well-built plane with a well-prepared pilot (leader) at the helm, but none of that matters if you don’t have resistance.

You need wind!

Planes take off into the wind. They use the resistance to climb. They charge the resistance as fast and hard as they can in order to soar.

As you face challenges, failures, and difficulties in your own life, check your perspective and keep going.

The resistance and opposition you face are your wind. Go at them, not around them, and certainly not away from them.

Use the resistance to get better and to grow. And prepare yourself because you are about to fly!