Alignment isn't just for your car

It’s Sunday afternoon, sunny skies, glasses on, open road, tunes playing so loud you could sell tickets. You hold the stitched leather on your steering wheel at a perfect 10 and 2. That beautiful logo (that you paid too much for) in the center just beams right back at you. You’re loving every minute of it... 

Just one problem, your car keeps veering off the road!

An alignment issue.

Good leaders should set the destination and clearly define what success looks like.
Good leaders should guide their team in important conversations to generate ideas.
Good leaders should make decisions on vision to set the team into action.

But let’s be clear here; you don’t want to be good, you want to be GREAT!

As we know from driving a car, holding the wheel straight guarantees us nothing if our alignment is off. The same holds true in your leadership and for your team. This critical step is one many good leaders and teams miss.

Great leaders understand that finding victory once isn’t enough. Great leaders know you need to sustain victories month after month, quarter after quarter, and year over year. You need to cement your dynasty. You need alignment to be great. 

Alignment: the process of securing buy-in from those that need to execute the WIN.

There is no quick fix when it comes to alignment. You need to put in the time to develop real relationships that focus on trust, transparent dialogue, and mutual respect. 

Alignment isn’t about being right; it is about getting it right.

You wouldn’t drive a car with your alignment so messed up that it takes you off the road. So be the great leader that makes alignment a priority. Make sure you focus on the opportunities, have real discussions about the issues, and secure alignment as a team before you leap into action.

When you do this, I promise you, the road will be smoother, straighter, and ultimately more enjoyable as you find your way to your destination.