Why I Choose Not To Be Thankful for Things

What are you really thankful for?

Each year as we roll into the holiday season, we are bombarded with so many lures and enticements for “the finer things in life.” We are led to believe that certain things will bring us more joy and thanksgiving.

Advertisers work tirelessly to show us what we should do or purchase to have a better life. Countless retailers try to get us to buy into the hype about the car we wish we had, the jewelry she will love, the phone that will pull us out of the dark ages, and the drink that will somehow surround us with better friends. The answer to every problem we could have, right?


Now, let me be clear, I’ve purchased plenty of new cars and have enjoyed the luxuries they provide. We might be able to start a new jewelry business with all the beautiful jewelry my wife has and loves to wear, and she looks great doing so I have to say. I use the newest smartphone from Galaxy and love having a glass of wine with friends.

These luxuries are not bad. They can actually be necessary and helpful. As a speaker, I need reliable transportation to get to events, and I need communication to handle business needs while on the road. My doctor says red wine is good for me, so I follow her instructions. :) In the end, I am grateful for all of these things, but they are nowhere near the top of the list.

I choose not to be thankful for things.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I choose not to spend my time focused on those things. I will not spend my time being thankful for things. The advertisers want to sell us on this year's 'must-have' items, that is their job, and I respect that. But what they have to offer will not determine my happiness or provide lasting joy.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my son being home from college, for health in my family, for food on the table, and a warm home. I am thankful for great friends, for life, for my God who provides hope and joy. I am thankful to simply be able to write this message.

A simple challenge for you.

Write down what you are truly thankful for. This list defines what you value most in life. And if it is people, tell them you are thankful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!