5 Steps To Reduce Your Stress In 5 Minutes or Less

Stress, we all have it. We all can’t stand it. The more we have, the less productive we are, the more irritable we are, and ultimately, our fulfillment and success level drops. There are many strategies out there to reduce stress, but it can be hard to find the time to implement them in the midst of a stressful season. Here are 5 simple steps that can help reduce your stress in 5 minutes or less.

1. Just do the basics.

It is no surprise that most stress reduction strategies include exercise, sleep, and eating well. And it is probably because we cannot function well for a sustained period of time without them. This first step can feel impossible when you are stressed, but just take one step in the right direction today. Take a break and go for a walk, set a reminder to head to bed a few minutes earlier, keep healthy snack options around instead of heading to the vending machine. You will be shocked how each small decision can help reduce your stress.

2. Find a way to laugh out loud.

 Whether at yourself, at a joke, or at a video of something/someone funny, laughing amazingly makes you feel better. Some of the most wonderful moments in life include laughter. So the next time you are feeling stressed, hit the pause button, and find something to make you laugh.

3. Breathe, just breathe. 

Sounds simple, but there is a technique to this. Breathe with your eyes shut, in through your nose (for a count of two) and exhale through your mouth (for the same count). Do this while saying a number out loud (from 1 to 10) on each breath out. Simple, yet effective.

4. Do something else.

Just stop doing what you are doing for a period of time and go do something else. Maybe you can break for a day, an hour, or just 5 minutes. This is not an excuse to procrastinate, but sometimes taking your mind of the root of the stress for just a few moments, is exactly what you need to reduce your stress and clear your mind.

5.  You decide.

 We all have our go-to tactics and activities we turn to when we are stressed. Whether it is spending time with a friend, grabbing a cup of coffee/tea, or listening to music, do something you enjoy and share it with others. We want to hear from you! I’d love for everyone who reads this to reply to the post or newsletter to share your go-to stress reducer. We would love to hear from you, so please, interact on social media and let the world know your secret to reducing stress.

Remember, we are better together than on our own, and by sharing ideas we help one another reduce stress, increase performance, and find fulfillment in our lives.

Thanks for what you do to change the world!