Randy Fox uses his officiating, leadership, and life experiences in delivering ultra high energy presentations to engage audiences and transform their professional and personal lives.

With a twenty-year career as a corporate leader and an accomplished NCAA Basketball Official, Randy has a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective on effective leadership and teamwork.

His focus is team-building and advocating for the potential in all in order to turn everyday people into superstar leaders. His leadership expertise emphasizes interpersonal value systems and productivity, believing that from one the other naturally follows.

With Randy, audience members will:

  • Experience an engaging high energy performance

  • Be inspired to action to increase performance and achieve results

  • Be encouraged and challenged to make a difference in their work and community

  • Discover through real stories how to be the leaders and team members that will change the world

  • Understand the importance of being an overcomer that never gives up

Randy is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, the author of several noteworthy leadership and teamwork books, and has a number of prestigious TV and radio appearances to his credit.